Worth the money!

As long as it would help the band sound great on stage, they are willing to shell out a bit more money in buying new acoustic guitars with amplifiers.

That’s what the band was discussing when they met for a general meeting for their upcoming tour. My cousin is their road manager and he’s the one in charge of all their instruments. I am not too sure I’d survive with the kind of schedule they have but I do admire them for pursuing the path towards success. I’ve known the lead vocals and I’ve seen how the band worked so hard so that the city where they regularly played at got to know them. And now they’re making the world know them more!

I just know the new stuff they are getting will be worth their money!


To make sure that your hard earned money does not go to waste, make a list of your priorities. What you need to spend on should you have the funds already. I have been remiss in this. I have too much funds on my hands a year or so ago but I spent it on non-essentials. Now that funds are not enough, I keep thinking of the important things I could have bought with that money.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging once in a while. But be mindful of your priorities. I learned this the hard way. Don’t let it happen to you, too.

Set aside funds for the important things. Whatever’s left, get the 10% for your indulgence. Deposit the rest to your savings account.

Savings Account

I have a savings account. Two. One was a previous payroll account that I never had closed. Another is a savings account I opened for Paypal. The former is the most used.

In this country, a savings account is perceived to be only for those who are working or for those who have the money to put in the bank. An ordinary person who stays at home (like a SAHM) normally does not have a savings account. Trust me, you can go around the country to do a survey and you will come up with the same results. Let’s take my relatives for example… nobody in my grandma’s house has a savings account. Oh wait, my grand-aunt has one! It’s for her SSS pension. If not for that, she won’t have one for sure. My grandparents on my dad’s side have no savings account. But they had a business that went on for almost two decades! All transactions done in cash. Why? They spend the money right away, anyway. That’s their reason. An uncle who has his own business also doesn’t have a personal savings account. He gives his income directly to his wife to budget. They keep the money at home. Even my dad has no savings account!

It is a misconception that is not being corrected. And made worse by the bank holidays. Plus, maintaining balances in big banks are impossible to maintain. Imagine, at Metrobank alone, to be able to maintain a savings account, you need to have 10 grand at all times! The same goes for BPI and Banco de Oro. Albeit at BDO, there’s an OFW account you can open for the families of OFWs abroad and it has no maintaining balance at all. Unionbank, on the other hand, has the EON account that you can get for 350 pesos a year which has no maintaining balance as well. The only drawback of these accounts that have no maintaining balances is that you don’t earn interest from your account. At least ask for a 500 or 1,000 pesos maintaining balance. That’s reasonable. So that persons who are not working can open their savings account and be inspired to save.

Decked out by Christmas.

Do you know that the best time to buy stuff is when the holiday when you will use the stuff itself is still so far away? Like getting department 56 snowbabies at christmasplace for the holiday season. The best time to get it is today!

That’s what I told my aunt when I dropped by her home to visit her and the whole family. They have such a beautiful house that I told her it would be a dishonor to it not to be fulled decked out by Christmas. She agreed!

Irregular posting.

I haven’t been posting as much as I want to these past couple of weeks. It’s not because I don’t want to or I am lazy to do it. The thing is I am really busy with some offline stuff that the things I want to share here are often forgotten when I am already in front of the computer.

I know I need to jot down notes so that I won’t forget. The thing is, I also forget to bring a notepad with me when I am out! Ha-ha!

But don’t you worry, my dear readers. I will schedule posts here in the next few days. I hope you tune in.


Being fashionable.

My friend believes in being fashionable all the time. It is a must for her to be able to keep up with her workmates. I don’t understand it myself but I do know how it is in her office. They are all strong women there and if she doesn’t keep up, she will be swallowed alive by her colleagues.

I heard from her that she is getting those jon renau hair pieces. She doesn’t like to color her hair but since her colleagues are all going blond, she thought she’d just get some fashionable wigs that she can wear to work.

She can’t wait for her colleagues’ reactions come Monday. It will be so much fun for her to beat them at their own game! Even for just a day.