Lesser risk in business.

Venturing into the rental business is easy, yes, but with it comes a big risk. A landlord can only hope that the tenants he gets are good payers. Otherwise, problems will come up sooner or later. The best thing to do? Conduct a tenant screening! Since I am very sure landlords are too busy to do a thorough screening process for each tenant he gets, I suggest to use Tenantify instead.

So, what is Tenantify? It is a service being offered to landlords in order for them to verify a tenant applicant’s employment and income background. It sounds tedious and it could be especially if you have so many things to do at the same time. Tenantify can focus on the screening process and all you have to do is wait for the results once they are done with their work. You know what’s even better? It’s free for landlords! Tenants are asked to pay after the process.

Choose lesser risk in business. Screen your tenants!

Mobile Money: The Convenience of Having Online Money

We live in a world where technology and scientific advances have made a big impact in our lives. Each day, new inventions and innovations are being created to provide ease and accessibility to humans. The chores and tasks assigned to us are much simpler to do. Let’s take for example sending payments from customers. With the convenience brought about by these modern advancements, people would no longer be forced to go through banks to process their respective transactions. They can now use their mobile phones to obtain or ask for a certain payment of goods. This is what they call as Mobile Money.

mobile moneyNowadays, people are now utilizing the services of their smartphones in order to accomplish certain bank matters. This is referred as Mobile Payment. It is the act of using an authorized cellular phone for the sole reason of paying a certain sum of fees to the seller or buyer. The transfer of payment must be covered by a set of financial rules and regulations in order for the compensation to be valid.

With Mobile Money, people would no longer be obliged to use their credit cards or debit cards in order to purchase or send fees to other clients. They would no longer be forced to exert much effort or time in accomplishing transactions that is supposedly done in banks and financial establishments. This is the perfect choice for those busy people who don’t have much time in completing these tasks. With just few clicks on their mobile devices, they can give payment to their clients.

The mobile method of compensation is made possible through the user’s phone wallet which contains appropriate amount of money. In order to acquire the payment, the customer must send a payment transaction request. This will initiate the compensation process. Certain charges and fees are deducted from the sender and a confirmation message will be received after the procedure.

It is said that the use of technology would soon replace the conventional method of payment which is through credit cards and other appropriate bank services. However, we should always bear in mind that this is an electronic process and technical difficulties may occur along the way. Thus, for security and safety reasons, it is also good to personally go to banks or utilize debit cards for the said matter.

Start saving up!

Start Saving Up

I started this year with the hope of being able to save up. I have spent the past couple of years from hand to mouth. Always waiting for the paycheck to arrive to spend all of it regardless whether I have a budget to follow or not. But, well, cash inflow was not what I expected it to be. Now that I was all bent to save up, there’s not enough to keep in the bank.


This coming 2015, no matter what the cashflow will be like, there should be enough money in the bank for me. That’s a must!

I need to start saving up! I am not getting any younger and I don’t want to find myself old and penniless!

Handling the family finances

I am bad with estimates. For an accountant who was so darn good in budgeting, I suck at it at the personal level! I admit as much and I am fully aware of it.

My sister said it right. I should let somebody else do the budgeting at home. I am not really good at it because for one I don’t want to argue about money. I hate discussing about it and then an argument will ensue. As much as possible I avoid a discussion about money and when it is needed I will give it without accounting for it afterwards.

See how much I suck at handling the family finances??

Quality, inexpensive wedding flowers.

Vintage Cottage Collection
Sweet and romantic Vintage Cottage Collection

Fresh floral arrangements. The very ones brides would love to have on their special day. How about DIYing the arrangements so that you will save on costs? The deal is this: cut-to-order fresh flowers will be delivered complete with accessories and you will arrange it guided by pictorials provided to make DIYing easy for you. Interested? Then, try Bloominous!

Centerpiece Idea from the Vintage Cottage Collection

Bouquet Idea from the Vintage Cottage Collection

Quality, inexpensive wedding flowers can be provided by Bloominous, a florist right at your fingertips. For some people, quality means getting the most expensive flowers they can find. But that will not automatically translate to beautiful and, yes, even quality. Sometimes, you can get quality for a reasonable price. Just like what Bloominous is offering to couples tying the knot. Quality fresh flowers that are reasonably priced and easy to DIY.

Don’t settle for anything less but don’t also just grab the most expensive flowers just because you think the higher the price is, the higher its quality. DIY your wedding flowers fresh from Bloominous.

If money didn’t matter…

List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter.

If money didn’t matter, I’d most likely have taken up Journalism or B.S. English or Creative Writing. I would have been a writer by now. I would really love to become a novelist and if money didn’t matter to me I would have been a full time novel writer for sure.


Another job I’d most likely pursue if money didn’t matter would have been a book and movie critique. Still connected to writing but incorporating my love for reading books and watching movies. Can you imagine what kind of job that would be just reading and watching all you want and dishing out reviews of it? I would love to be paid for that!

And a job that you wouldn’t see me doing that I would actually love to have been doing now? A hotel receptionist or a tour guide. Ha! I know, not me at all. But I would love to be working in something/a place associated to traveling.

If money didn’t matter to you, what kind of job would you be doing now?