Choose the best one.

rockstarWhen it comes to the guitar he uses for his gigs, Martin chooses peavey pvi2 mic at guitar center. His father taught him best… choose quality-made guitars regardless of the money you will spend. As long as you have the money, then better choose the best one!

Martin is an acoustic singer. He has regular gigs in almost all the bars in the metro. He is known for his cool voice and his talent with the guitar. You can’t blame the guy for making sure he has the best guitar on hand. He needs it for his job.

Ever since Martin can remember, he’s been playing the guitar. He picked his dad’s when he was very young and from then on, he would teach himself how to play different songs. He learned by himself. He is a natural when it comes to his acoustic guitar and it shows.

No wonder bar patrons are clamoring for him to perform.

Irregular posting.

I haven’t been posting as much as I want to these past couple of weeks. It’s not because I don’t want to or I am lazy to do it. The thing is I am really busy with some offline stuff that the things I want to share here are often forgotten when I am already in front of the computer.

I know I need to jot down notes so that I won’t forget. The thing is, I also forget to bring a notepad with me when I am out! Ha-ha!

But don’t you worry, my dear readers. I will schedule posts here in the next few days. I hope you tune in.


Being fashionable.

My friend believes in being fashionable all the time. It is a must for her to be able to keep up with her workmates. I don’t understand it myself but I do know how it is in her office. They are all strong women there and if she doesn’t keep up, she will be swallowed alive by her colleagues.

I heard from her that she is getting those jon renau hair pieces. She doesn’t like to color her hair but since her colleagues are all going blond, she thought she’d just get some fashionable wigs that she can wear to work.

She can’t wait for her colleagues’ reactions come Monday. It will be so much fun for her to beat them at their own game! Even for just a day.

I am ready!


I am ready to tackle on March and the rest of 2014. Actually, I am ready for 2014 as early as November of last year. I really psyched myself into working harder this year. This is not only for myself but for the whole family. And also to reach some goals I’ve set for last year but I was unable to reach for one reason or another.

This year, I truly intend to reach those goals of mine. One of those goals is to put up a deep savings account.

Yes, I am ready!

The old woman.

My friend is going to order a gold cross here for her grandmother. The latter is a very religious woman and is turning 75 this coming March. My friend wants to give her something that she can use every single day and since she knows her grandmother will wear a gold cross daily, that’s what she already planned on giving.

The old woman is still healthy and strong. She walks around the village daily, goes to mass daily as well, and still sees her friends socially from time to time. She is one formidable woman and everyone who knows her believes that she will have more years to live.

A business investment.

One of the things that I used to do in the office was monitoring the assets of the company. I remember making sure that all the machinery and equipment used in the production were in good condition. If a report was sent to me about a request for a purchase of a new asset, I would triple check with the maintenance group whether a new asset was really warranted.

So when a friend of mine asked for my help in a new business investment he entered into, he made sure I was on board to help him out with the acquisition of capital assets. There was this cnc machinery at that he wanted me to look into and I did. And then came another one, and another one. It took me close to eight months to complete all the CAPEX requirements of his new business.

Of course, he paid me handsomely for my professional services.