College memories.

Can you imagine meeting a long lost friend from way back in college after not seeing her for close to a decade and a half? Inexplicable joy! I was strolling at the mall with my sisters when I saw my friend Mari from college. I haven't seen her since we graduated. I learned that she already has a husband and two kids. She's also doing well at work and is in line for promotion. Soon, she just might occupy the vice president position at the company she works for. Wow!

We got to talking about college especially a class ring at JoyJewelers.com that we all ordered. She still has hers. I got envious because I lost mine a few years ago. I told her I just might order another one just to get back the ring I lost.

Memories of my college life lingered for days after I saw Mari. Those were the good old days.


Getting it signed.

The one thing that is keeping my uncle very busy the past couple of months is this: getting the contract signed! He kept it a secret to most of us for a while because he wanted to make sure that he was working on something significant before revealing it to all of us. When he finally passed several steps in the requirements process, that's when he told us about the secret business contract he was working on. He told us that it is a gov't contract financing through 1stCommercialCredit.com and that his goal is to get the contract signed so that he could relax a bit after it and allot some more time to his family.

My uncle is one hardworking individual. He is one person who won't settle for anything less. Always. He will make sure that his family's future is secure no matter what happens. That's why he works every single day and would devote more time to his family after getting a new contract signed. Because that's the only time he can breathe easier knowing that the future of his love ones is brighter than it is before.


A new hobby.

This is the year to improve oneself. I am thinking of picking up a new hobby. Maybe, something that will enhance my memory, brain functioning. I am not yet sure what that is but what I am sure is that once I decided on a specific new hobby, I will give it my best shot!

A cousin of mine is already doing the same. He is picking up a new alto sax reeds from vandoren and will be fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming a sax player. He doesn't mind if he sucks at sax but just the fact that he is doing something to fulfill his dream, even if it will cost him a big dent in his pocket with lessons and all, it is more than enough for him.

I need to think fast on what new hobby I want. Suggestions, anyone?


Hello, 2015!!!

Belated Merry Christmas and a bountiful 2015 to all!!!

Yay! So excited for 2015. I have a lot of plans for this year foremost of which is to SAVE! So expect entries about my struggle to build up my savings fund, and my journey to financial stability, as usual.

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Have a great year, people!



Work and life.

I believe that when you love what you are doing, work becomes play. That's what I tell my love ones. Love what you are doing or do what you really love to do. In that way, you know that work will never become a burden to you. Work will never become a source of unhappiness.


One of my cousins invested in a tascam us 1800 and he told me about it. Proudly, I should add. You know why? He loves music so much that he didn't think of anything else to do but that. A work related to music. And you know what? I've never seen him stressed out, pressured, or unhappy.

It's because his work has become his life and he's content and fulfilled.


Work in December is...

It probably has something to do with the holiday expenses that's why companies are not advertising as much but whenever December comes along, work for me becomes a bit scarce. I am feeling the heat right now but I know that I can take it. I know that work will come when I need it. The Lord will provide.


The only setback in this trickle is that income comes in trickles, too. Again, I know I can survive this. I've been doing so for the past eight years now.

Next year, though, I will not let this happen anymore. I will not worry come December just because work doesn't come as abundantly as in the other months of the year. I will save and save and have more than enough come the holiday season!


Lesser risk in business.

Venturing into the rental business is easy, yes, but with it comes a big risk. A landlord can only hope that the tenants he gets are good payers. Otherwise, problems will come up sooner or later. The best thing to do? Conduct a tenant screening! Since I am very sure landlords are too busy to do a thorough screening process for each tenant he gets, I suggest to use Tenantify instead.

So, what is Tenantify? It is a service being offered to landlords in order for them to verify a tenant applicant's employment and income background. It sounds tedious and it could be especially if you have so many things to do at the same time. Tenantify can focus on the screening process and all you have to do is wait for the results once they are done with their work. You know what's even better? It's free for landlords! Tenants are asked to pay after the process.

Choose lesser risk in business. Screen your tenants!